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  • Not everyone may be keen to get married underwater like the world champion free diver Pierre Frolla. Not all will be persuaded by the stunning landscape to paraglide off the top of Roquebrune Cap
  • Lindsey is always down for trying a new culinary experience!  This year, she's popping over to Champagne, where she will sample bubbly and exloplore this sparkling region.     DAY 1:
  • 1 - Wine Tasting and Specialties in Dijon An architecturally delightful starting point for Burgundy wine tasting, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to unforgettable landscapes. Offered year-
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    Dior was created out of its founder’s desire to encourage women to take care of themselves, to look attractive and to grow in self-confidence. The company enjoyed immediate success and Dior has since become an iconic brand across the globe. Youth Born in 1905 in Granville, Normandy, Christian...
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    Paris is romantic, of course, but there are many other places all around France that will make your heart skip a beat. Here are some of the most romantic places to visit in France:  Pont des Arts in Paris, where couples "lock" their love to the sides of the bridge Little Venice in...
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    Meeting Travelers' NeedsAccor is unique in offering an extensive range ofcomplementary brands from luxury to economy that are recognized and appreciated around the world for their service and quality as well as their ability to meet the specific needs of each business and leisure traveler. They...

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