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  • When we think of France, it’s inevitable that fine cuisine, even finer wine, haute couture and refined culture pop to mind. And the place to enjoy all of the above, especially during the warm summer
  • Coming to Cannes during the Film Festival? Here are some suggestions for what to do! 1. Check out the opening and closing ceremonies for the film festival. Try to catch a glimpse of the stars and
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    A miniature continent Lying 200 kilometres from the French Riviera, Corsica is almost in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its landscapes, monuments and beautiful beaches, make this island an ideal destination for walking on the GR20, relaxing, and discovering the age-old heritage and traditions...
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    It's time to learn with Marjorie Taylor and her daughter Kendall all about proper French cuisine and enjoy the local markets in their company. They will be delighted to welcome you to Beaune to "The Cook's Atelier" to share with you their common passion for the Beaune region. These two American...
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    Biarritz...where else ? Biarritz owes its steady popularity not only to its beachesand surfing spots, but also to its golf courses and health spas, not to mention the many festivals and cultural events that are held here throughout the year. What’s so special about Biarritz?  It enjoys a...

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