Paris : 24 hours at la Maison Nabis

Published on May 04, 2018
  • © Maison Nabis by Happy Culture

    © Maison Nabis by Happy Culture

Paris : 24 hours at la Maison Nabis paris fr

After a year of work, the hotel "Le Pavillon de Paris" became last summer "La Maison Nabis". Gilding, velvet, tapestries, New Art inspiration: this boutique hotel located between Montmartre and the department stores was divinely redecorated by Oscar Lucien from the agency Maison Numéro 20.

10 am: A felted entrance


© Maison Nabis by HappyCulture  —  The living room, at the entrance of the hotel.

As soon as I enter the door, I am already captivated by the sumptuous interiors of Maison Nabis. In contrast, the blue and gold lounge sets the scene. Games of mirrors, golden trinkets, candles, voluptuous curtains, fringed chairs ... everything is refined, unusual and intimate. The decorator, who likes to work the chiaroscuro, makes a passing wink to the bawdy houses

10:15 am: A grand staircase and 6 floors



© Aurélie Michel  —  L'escalier qui dessert les six étages de l'hôtel.

A real blue and gold swirl, which serves the six floors of the hotel, each wearing the color of a gemstone: mother of pearl, yellow opal, amethyst, emerald, ruby ​​and black diamond ... The House Nabis has only thirty rooms and that's what makes it so intimate. It feels like home!

10:20 am: The charms of yellow opal


© Maison Nabis by HappyCulture  —  Room "Opale jaune".

The first thing that jumps in my eyes when entering the room is the headboard! It is identical to all rooms, but of course echoes the dominant color of each floor. Here, the yellow opal. Embroidered, she stages birds of paradise in a vegetal decoration.
The furniture has been custom-designed and the tissues created by Dedar or Rubelli. The carpet, the tapestries and the mirrors come to sublimate the whole.

11am: Paris is ours


 © Maison Nabis by HappyCulture - The elegant screen hides a computer available to customers.

At Maison Nabis, there are no large displays filled with tourist brochures. It is, again, tailor-made: the concierge informs me of his suggestions for visits, restaurants and shows according to my tastes. He then invites me to make my own idea of ​​the places offered on the Internet: a computer is available to customers, near the stairs, hidden behind a screen. You can also print everything you need: maps, itineraries, show tickets ... Here I am, ready to explore Paris, then on the way!

18h: A welcome stop


© Maison Nabis by HappyCulture  —  "HappyTime" at Maison Nabis. 

Maison Nabis is part of the "HappyCulture" collection, which has 20 other hotels in Paris. Everyone has a fantastic concept in mind: if you are a customer of one of the hotels, you can stop at any other establishment in the hotel chain at any time. Handy when, in the middle of the day, you want to refresh, recharge the battery of his phone, use the wifi or drop his shopping bags before going out to the restaurant.
And that's not all. Every hotel organizes every day its "HappyTime", a convivial moment for all the customers. Maison Nabis offers for example a glass of champagne and petit fours, from 18h to 20h.

19:30: Instant sweetness


©Maison Nabis by HappyCulture - The one bedroom bathroom "Yellow Opal".

Before going to dinner, I decided to go back to the hotel to let me have a good bath. Whether equipped with a shower or bathtub, all the bathrooms are in marble, with retro faucets, large mirrors and pretty light fixtures. Perfect to relax.

23h: The time to sleep


© Maison Nabis by HappyCulture  —  Détail de la chambre "Opale jaune". 

Before falling asleep, I prepare my program the next day, in the light of pretty shades folded …

9am : Breakfast under the canopy


© Maison Nabis by HappyCulture  —  Breakfast buffet

Maison Nabis offers the breakfast in your room, but it was important to me to spend some time in the sumptuous bar on the ground floor. In the morning, a large sweet and savory buffet is prepared. It’s tasted in the room next door, a patio lit by daylight by a canopy. Now we have strength for a new day visiting Paris after leaving the luggage at the concierge of the hotel.



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