An Experience to Savour: Canal Barge Cruising

An Experience to Savour: Canal Barge Cruising

One for the lovers of fine wine and gourmet dining experiences, the journey of canal barge cruising is the ideal way to indulge in the world-famous produce of the most renowned regions of Europe. From the sun-ripened fruit and vegetables of the South of France to the fresh fish and olive oil in Italy, not forgetting Burgundy’s exclusive wineries and Scotland’s long-established whisky distilleries, here’s cheers to an extra-special journey discovering the best of Europe with Barge Travel Connection!


Gentle cruising   


Canal barge cruising is a unique way to explore the charming inland waterways of Europe. Leaving the navigation, planning and cooking to a professional crew is of huge appeal to many travellers. A master chef will make sure you love every meal on board while the role of the hostess is to guarantee you always have the drink you want in your hand and to keep your cabin clean and tidy. An experienced captain, also serving as a tour guide, will share inspiring stories and take you to places off the beaten track. Similarly, the gentle pace of a hotel barge allows passengers to truly immerse themselves in the delicacies and local culture as they drift down delightful canals. 


Dining aboard


One of the best ways to learn more about local life and a country’s culture is through its food. Dining on board a hotel barge will give you the most authentic experience. In France, wake up to freshly baked breads, warm buttery pastries and seasonal fruit brought on board by one of the crew members. Lunch is often an arrangement of salads, quiches, pâtés and cheeses accompanied by an excellent choice of local and international wines. Dinner is most definitely the gastronomic highlight of every day. Prepared with nothing less than the best locally-sourced ingredients, each course (4 or 5 in total) is immaculately presented and paired with fine wines. Chefs are always more than happy to tailor meals according to preferences and dietary requirements.


Discovering and sampling delicacies


French cuisine is known to be one of the best in the world. It is no surprise that Australians have adopted the French term entrée to refer to the first dish of a meal aimed at stimulating the appetite. From the entrée to the main course, ending with cheese and dessert, every plate will awaken your taste buds.


At Barge Travel Connection, we give hungry travellers the opportunity to drop anchor and savour the secrets of local French specialities on our Gastronomy Cruises. If you are cruising along the Canal du Midi, one excursion could be truffle hunting and later watching your chef prepare it with your evening meal. Another might be a visit to an olive mill cooperation where you can taste tapenade and olive oil. If you have chosen to explore the exquisite Champagne region, or Franco Germanic Alsace, some of our cruises there offer dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants in beautiful locations (one of them is located in the heart of the Champagne vineyards). From bustling food markets to passionate local producers and chefs teaching you how to create traditional recipes, our gastronomy-themed cruises are a keen foodie’s dream!


Whether you’re a food connoisseur, a History buff or a budding artist, Barge Travel Connection cruises will leave you captivated and inspired. Don’t forget to check out our great special offers to save up to $1,800 per couple.




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