This summer, drive through France

This summer, drive through France

Hungry for a self-drive adventure? Combine the scenery and the cuisine on a journey through the various regions of France. Find out what the local specialities are and where to find the best shopping and breathtaking sights.

Leasing a Peugeot is a fantastic option for people wanting a car in Europe for between 21-175 days. You get a brand new, tax free Peugeot model of your choice, direct from the factory with full factory warranty and 24 hour assistance. It also comes with full insurance with nil excess to drive through 41 countries in Europe and the UK and all vehicles come with an in-built GPS. 



  • Drive Europe in a brand new tax-free Peugeot in 2018 and save up to $1,060!*
  • 7 FREE days on DIESEL models - save up to $504**
  • 10 FREE days on PETROL models - save up to $510^
  • 50% off delivery and return fees outside of France - save up to $550^^
  • PLUS 3 free days for clients who have leased a Peugeot since 2011.
  • Lease between 14-20 days

Drive and discover more of Europe today with Australia’s #1 Car Leasing brand for Europe. Hurry must book and pay by 23 March 2018.
Valid for vehicle deliveries to 31 December 2018.


Conditions apply – see for full terms and conditions, or contact your travel agent.

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