The Alsace Vineyard Cycle Trail

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    Vineyard Cycle

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  • Vineyard Cycle

    Vineyard Cycle

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    Cycling in Alsace

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The Alsace Vineyard Cycle Trail alsace fr

Discover the beauty of Alsace's famous Wine Route: a truly legendary trip!

Alsace's Wine Route crosses the age-old vineyards between the Rhine plain and the Ballons des Vosges. It snakes across the slopes for more than 170 km, from Thann to the south to Marlenheim to the north. Picturesque flowery villages are strung out along Alsace's Wine Route, small well-known wine-making towns that offer breath-taking views illustrating the richness and diversity of Alsace's terroirs.

The cultivation of vines and the culture of wine, inseparable from the history of Alsace, are alive and well in these landscapes, traditions and heritage. The natural barrier of the Vosges Mountains favours a dry micro-climate; the south-south-east facing exposure of the vineyards and the geological complexity of the soil provide the vines with unique conditions and allow in particular for a slow maturation process that preserves the aromas of the wines.

These natural conditions would be nothing without human tradition, without the culture of wine-making in Alsace, both serious and Epicurean, which has a reputation for enjoying life and for celebration that has spread far beyond its borders.

Alsace's Wine Route, one of the oldest in France, also includes a multitude of flower-decked villages, each one different, but with its own timeless charm.

Running parallel to it, the Véloroute du Vignoble (Vineyard Cycle Trail) follows the route of former railway lines, portions of the former Roman road and numerous pathways running between the vineyards. It passes through an attractive picture postcard landscape including medieval castle ruins, villages in bloom, Romanesque abbeys, undulating vineyards and friendly winstubs, etc. 

Along the way, take the time to meet the winegrowers, to sample their wines and to lose yourself in the streets of the medieval villages!

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