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Champagne in Champagne ! reims fr

Champagne is the place to be for a bubbling journey. Champagne is the region of the royal drink-champagne. Futhermore, “it’s not champagne if it’s not from Champagne!”

Champagne invites you to a unique experience in this region, less than one hour away from Paris and its airport. Here is the perfect blend of art of living and gastronomy and you will have the choice of traditional local cuisine or refined dishes to excite your taste buds.

The Champenois vineyard, which is the first to have received an A.O.C (Controlled Origin Appellation) label in 1908, covers 85000 acres today, which constitutes 90% of the label. It is spread over four main regions: “La Montagne de Reims”, “La Côte des Blancs”, la Vallée de la Marne” and the vineyard of the Aube “La Côte des Bar ». In this area of controlled appellation, only three grapes are allowed:“the Pinot Noir » (red grape) that gives the aromas, power and body of red berries; “The Pinot Meunier” (red grape) that brings a rounded flavor to the blends; and the Chardonnay (white grape) that gives finesse and ages very well, thanks to its aromas and its great freshness.

Only the wines issued from the area of appellation can be entitled to the official label called “la Méthode Champenoise”. Today, 90% of the champenois vineyards belongs to the 15 000 winegrowers in the area who, at the end of the harvest, can sell their grapes to the champagne houses or hand them over to cooperatives. Around 5000 of them keep their harvest to develop the “Champagnes des Vignerons” (“Winegrowers’ Champagne”) which are wines characteristic to the area.

To discover the different champagnes, follow the Touristic Route of Champagne, stretching over nearly 500 km with around 80 places to welcome you.

Laid out in 5 distinct circuits, these itineraries are created to encourage you to meander between the vineyards, experience breathtaking scenery, traditional villages, old shrines and imposing castles and churches. The winegrowers will offer you a personal, family-style and authentic visit.

At Epernay, on the Avenue de Champagne, our “Champs Elysees of Champagne”, stroll the kilometers of cellars dug into chalk and come taste champagnes from famous brands. When it comes to shopping, you can benefit from exceptional prices on international and prestigious brands!

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