The Champagne vineyard

  • The mill of Verzenay

    © Canon

    The mill of Verzenay

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  • Reims, Crayères Maison Ruinart ©


    Reims, Crayères Maison Ruinart ©


The Champagne vineyard 51100 Reims fr

The beauty of the hillsides, the hospitality of the wine growers and the taste of the wines are ready to give up their secrets in Champagne. Walk among the vines, take in the fragances. Visit the wine growers, listen to them: they will talk to you about wine, wine presses, the exhilaration of the grape harvest, and sometimes the secret of the liqueurs. Champagne!

Out & about

  • The Champagne Route: 600 km through the wine-growing region – 5 go-as-you-please routes
  • Remarkable towns and villages : Hautvillers, Reims,Troyes, Epernay, Les Riceys
  • The wine museum at Verzenay
  • Château de la Motte Tilly, Château de Montmort, Château de Chacenay and de Condé-en-Brie

A unique experience

Secrets of the wine expert

Discover the art of tasting champagne: get an introduction to tasting, learn about the flavours, understand food and wine combinations.

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