Original ways to visit Champagne

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Original ways to visit Champagne champagne fr

Wine has been made on the hillsides between Reims and Epernay since the Gallo-Roman era, and the development and refinement of a method to make the wine sparkle, from the late 17th century, brought it worldwide fame. 300 years on since the death of Dom Pérignon, the monk who did much to develop the champagne method and who famously cried out "Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!" the region continues to evolve and innovate with new ways of presenting the world of champagne to an eager public. From ecological tours in the vines to sipping champagne half-way up a tree, here are a few of the visits and sites which have opened in the past few years.

Eco-Visit in the vineyard 

Passionate about the 'terroir' of his vineyard, champagne producer James RICHARD-FLINIAUX, has developed an original, eco-friendly vineyard tour in an open-topped electric car. Visitors can learn more about the land, local climate, grape varieties and tradition of champagne growing and making brought to live by anecdotes and local colour from James' own experience and knowledge.  The tours all include a 'refreshment stop' of Richard-Fliniaux champagne, with different formulas available.




Located in the forest behind the town of Verzy, this tree-house champagne bar is the only one of its kind and its location offers an exceptional view over the plains of Champagne. The rustic exterior hides a modern and stylish interior with white leather swing-seats and suspended ice-buckets. The bar is reached via 3 gently inclining suspended footbridges and is powered by solar panels. The bar will be completed by 2 high-tech, eco-friendly tree houses from the second half of 2015, which will offer modern comforts, yet allow the guest to respect the natural beauty of the forest environment by controlling the use of energy and water resources via an ipad.  


Pré en Bulles

This whacky visitors' centre provides a unique champagne experience through 2 specially created animated shows. The first takes the visitor through the champagne-making process via 12 automated scenes narrated by the robot Créabulle. This is followed by a fairy-tale spectacle, 'The Angel's Share', that features the history and art de vivre of Champagne, narrated by your android host, Dom Pérignon himself and brought to life by animated dolls and puppets. Pré-en-Bulles also offers a comprehensive gift shop and some beautifully presented gîtes. 


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