Places to see in Champagne-Ardenne

  • Moulin de Verzenay Champagne

    Moulin de Verzenay Champagne

    © F.Canon

  • Le Phare de Verzenay en Champagne

    Le Phare de Verzenay en Champagne

    © ®CCVMR

  • Rue Champeaux

    Rue Champeaux

    © CDT Aube

  • Sedan chateau fort

    Sedan chateau fort

    © CRTCA

Places to see in Champagne-Ardenne fr

Champagne-Ardenne is rich in history, culture and heritage. The 13th century Cathedral of Notre Dame in Reims is a masterpiece of Gothic art. The coronation of the kings of France took place here, celebrated in an extraordinary sound and light show projected on the front of the cathedral after nightfall from June to September. To the north of Reims, the largest medieval fortress in Europe can be visited at Sedan – part of the castle has been converted into a comfortable 3-star hotel.


Many people come to the region to follow the champagne trail – from the prestigious champagne houses of Reims and Epernay, follow the sign-posted Champagne Tourist Route through vineyards and villages, stopping off at the Museum of the Vine at the Lighthouse of Verzenay for an overview, and at one of the many local producers of champagne for a personalised tour and tasting.

Other places to taste include C Comme…, a champagne bar at Epernay with over 400 different kinds of champagne, or for an original location try the Perchingbar, a champagne bar up a tree in the forest behind Verzy! To taste the champagne made further south in the Aube vineyards, stop off at the beautiful stone village of Les Riceys where Le Caveau boutique has a range of locally made champagne and regional produce. The ultimate pilgrimage for lovers of champagne is the village of Hautvillers home of the ‘Father of Champagne’, monk Dom Pérignon.


Those interested in the first and second world wars can follow a trail of sites, from the informative 14-18 Museum in Suippes to the very room in Reims where the German surrender was signed. A visitors’ centre dedicated to the life and work of Charles de Gaulle at Colombey-les-deux-églises is not to be missed. Other famous people include the artist Renoir who lived and worked at Essoyes, a charming village in the champagne vineyards of the Aube.


For lovers of the outdoors, bicycles can be rented to try out some of the many dedicated cycling tracks to discover the rich and varying countryside of the region. Suggestions for both cycling and walking circuits along with places for bicycle hire can be downloaded from the tourist board’s web site. Golf enthusiasts will also not be disappointed with 10 golf courses to choose from.