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Recipe by Bernard OCIO Rue Colonel Pierre Servagnat 51200 Épernay fr

Mousse de Fromage Blanc aux Biscuits Roses de Reims Sauce Griottine by Bernard OCIO
“LA CAVE À CHAMPAGNE” in Epernay (Marne)

Recipe for 8 people :

500 g of white cheese
½ litre of crème fraîche
8 leaves of gelatine
200 g of castor sugar
1 glass of milk
400 g of Morello cherries in a jar
10 cl Kirsch
24 biscuits roses de Reims

Preparing a day in advance, put 100g of castor sugar and Morello cherries with their juice and kirsch into a container. Beat the cream cheese in a blender and add the remaining sugar, milk and the melted gelatine.

Leave this to rise to a consistency of fresh whipped cream. Add the cherries without their juices.
Place the biscuits roses de Reims in the bottom of small moulds. Moisten these cookies with the cherry juice flavoured with kirsch. Stir in the cheese and smooth the tops of the moulds with a spatula.
Leave in the refrigerator for six hours.

Turn out onto a plate with a fruit coulis and garnish with berries and mint leaves.

Bernard OCIO has managed La Cave à Champagne in Epernay for several years, where you can lunch royally "without breaking the bank" according to the Michelin Guide. Customers also come to drink champagne as this restaurant, in the capital of the Champagne region, has a particular focus on promoting wine producers.

16, Rue Gambetta - 51200 EPERNAY
Tel: 08 73 20 05 31 -

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