Cutural Extravaganza in Marseille

From January 01, 2013 to December 31, 2013
  • © Emmanuelle Combaud -

    © Emmanuelle Combaud -

Cutural Extravaganza in Marseille

This year’s winner of the European Capital of Culture 2013 lies on the Mediterranean coast. The undulating landscape promises idyllic getaways and intrepid adventures. From Aix-en-Provence to Marseille, or from Arles to La Ciotat; hundreds of provincial communes are coming together to put on a show of urban excellence. This urban spectacle is a true showcase of intercultural sociability, demonstrating the relationship between town and country, and the urban way of life.

These social and cultural dynamics are at the basis of the Marseille-Provence 2013 celebrations. The underlying theme of the festival is displayed in three distinct “episodes”; and is known as “The dialogue between Mediterranean countries and sharing the South”. The theme is present in every exhibition and festival which will take place throughout the year; in the Euro-Mediterranean Ateliers, the literary, musical and artistic shows; film and theatre performances and of course through the locals’ participation in the various events.
Each “episode” focuses on one cultural movement in particular, a combination of major events such as the unveilings of new expositions and cultural venues.    

Episode 1: « Marseille-Provence, Welcoming the World »    

January to May 2013

This part of the exhibition puts a real focus on the regions’ cosmopolitanism as well as the social and caring nature of the people of Provence. A part of the opening celebrations, this will display the artistic innovations throughout the famously diverse artistic region.

Opening weekend: the historical celebrations will commence on the 12 and 13 January 2013. A four part event, encouraging both visitors and locals to join in the celebrations taking place from Aix-en-Provence to Arles. These will kick-start the wealth of unexpected events to come, a truly spectacular diverse celebration which everyone is invited to!

Episode 2 : « Marseille-Provence, Open Sky »

June to August 2013

A celebration of nature throughout the summer months, with plenty of outdoor activities and shows, even musical concerts under the stars! With many individually themed festivals taking place throughout the region during a time of true musical celebration; the seasonable temperatures will keep you dancing until you drop!

Episode 3: Marseille-Provence, Land of a Thousand Faces »

September to December 2013

This « episode » will focus on art and interaction in public spaces; contemporary literature; children’s literature as well as symbolic Mediterranean artists and philosophers. Cultural pioneers such as Averroès, Albert Camus, Le Corbusier, Pasolini, Penone and Pistoletto will all be honoured throughout the celebration.

Land of contrast: perfect for losing yourself in the melodic hum of the cicadas as well as expanding your cultural horizons; whether you visit Provence alone or amongst friends and loved ones, the European capital of culture celebrations promise to be unexpected and enthralling. 2013 is the perfect year for discovering a region both rich in culture and a bubbling zest for life, where everyone has something to smile about!