Exhibition Les Territoires de l'Art Modeste [The Territories of Modest Art] in Sète (Languedoc-Roussillon)

From November 27, 2010 to October 02, 2011


Exhibition Les Territoires de l'Art Modeste [The Territories of Modest Art] in Sète (Languedoc-Roussillon) 34200 Sète fr


The Musée International des Arts Modestes (International Museum of Modest Arts – MIAM) in Sète (Languedoc-Roussillon) hosts the exceptional exhibition Les Territoires de l'Art Modeste [The Territories of Modest Art] from 27 November 2010 to 2 October 2011. 

To mark its tenth anniversary, the MIAM presents Les Territoires de l'Art Modeste [The Territories of Modest Art], which brings together 12 exhibitions in one

The works of confirmed or emerging, anonymous or well-known contemporary artists, artisans and self-taught or unusual artists with backgrounds in street art or outsider art, popular culture or underground culture, will be displayed successively.

The MIAM proposes a convergence of differing artistic currents, from very different settings (prison art, street art, rural art, from Brazil to India and Africa to Europe) and every discipline (music, graphic arts, film, digital arts, architecture, etc.).

Over the space of a year, every month an event will be organised by the MIAM around each of the 12 exhibitions :

  • Vitrines [Showcases]: "Frédéric Magazine", a collective specialising in design, works to disseminate the works of graphic artists from a wide range of backgrounds.

  • Chez Bernard [At Bernard’s]: Cofounder of the MIAM with Hervé Di Rosa, Bernard Belluc will recreate part of his house-cum-museum for the tenth anniversary of the MIAM.

  • La bande-dessinée retrouvée [The comic strip refound]: Robert Combas will exhibit an amazing series of plates designed in Paris in the 1940s by Maurice Chot, a self-taught teenager who, in the midst of war, took up pencils and dip pens to reinvent the comics that were unobtainable in those troubled times.

  • Bamoun Picasso : The MIAM will present a collection of Bamoun designs produced by Argentine artist Antonio Segui.

  • Les cordeis & collections Artaud la nuit [Artaud’s cordeis & collections at night]: Philippe Artaud presents the cordeis (anthologies of popular poems or songs) from his private collection, around a workshop devoted to publishing..

  • De l'intérieur ! Les Paños, l'art carcéral Chicano [From inside! Paños, Chicano prison art]:The MIAM asked Stéphane Pencréac'h to present diverted fabrics collected by the Pop Galerie.

  • NG et les patuas : The exhibition of painted scrolls will be produced by contemporary artist NG, who will also present his audiovisual installation Limits of Paradise.

  • Aux marges de l'art brut (cinq outsiders réguliers) [On the margins of outsider art (five regular outsiders)]: The writer, art critic and exhibition curator, Laurent Danchin, will offer up an original selection of artists from the margins of outsider art.

  • Street Art : The MIAM entrusts its main wall to Rostarr, cofounder of New York collective the Barnstormers, the explosive stars of the Brooklyn youth scene.

  • Le livre qui voulait être un jeu vidéo [The book that wanted to be a video game]: Etienne Mineur and his partner Bertrand Duplat work on the future of the book and 21st-century reading after the great digital- and network-media revolution.

  • PQ Ville [Toilet Roll City]: Film- and video-maker and musician Michel Gondry and architect and designer Sylvain Arnoux will produce part of the original set of the film La science des rêves [The Science of Sleep].

  • Rocanrolorama : Catalan musician and composer Pascal Comelade will present his miniature mechanical orchestra, produced in partnership with Christian Laporte.

Further information:
Les Territoires de l'Art Modeste at the MIAM in Sète
27 November 2010 to 2 October 2011

Opening times: 1 April to 30 September: Daily, 9.30 am to 7 pm
                     1 October to 31 March: Daily except Monday, 10 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 6 pm
Closed 1 January, 1 May, 1 November and 25 December.

Entry: €5 / Concs. €2 / Free for children under 10

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