Galeries Lafayette has a Monster Christmas in store for you in 2014

From November 04, 2014 to January 04, 2015
  • Upside down christmas tree Galeries Lafayette.

    © Galeries Lafayette

    Upside down christmas tree Galeries Lafayette.

    © Galeries Lafayette

  • Les Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

    © Les Galeries Lafayette

    Les Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

    © Les Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette has a Monster Christmas in store for you in 2014 40, boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris fr

A gang of cheeky monsters lurks mischievously amid the festive theatrical décor, plotting a topsy-turvy Christmas! Some have sneaked into the shop windows, others wander brazenly about in the departments – the naughty things have even turned the Christmas tree upside down! Come and share their festive joy with lots of surprises at Galeries Lafayette’s Monster Christmas.

Upending the Christmas tree – a masterstroke of mischief

Galeries Lafayette is the first in the world to proudly display a Christmas tree turned on its head!Canopied by the Boulevard Haussmann’s famous century-old Coupole, the festive tree takes root overhead in the architectural tracery of the sumptuous Art Nouveau dome – all the better to dazzle 150,000 daily visitors expected during the season of goodwill.The novel Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette points its tip towards the ground, inviting visitors to stay put and watch a sublime light show washing over it once an hour, with music and illuminations flooding across the branches down its full 80-foot length!

Monstrously funny window displays

Hilariously wicked and full of pranks, Gustave the Monster and his oddball band are cooking up a very surprising Christmas behind the scenes. Their unruly invasion of the stunning Boulevard Haussmann window displays has bystanders of all ages chuckling merrily.

All along the boulevard, shop windows are transformed into a madcap playground for Gustave the Monster and his zany friends. Big hairy paws with a perfect manicure steal around the edge of a heavy curtain to mess up the display, two big round eyes peer at the spectators on the pavement, one hand pulls open a curtain, then another – a funny little creature bashfully gets ready to climb onto the stage. You can see it tremble!

The show has begun and each window becomes a little scene, with Norma the tightrope walker and her sidekick Norbert the worm, Zoe the budding magician, an army of screwball rabbits, a popcorn war in the auditorium, and Gustave the Monster-in-Chief who ends up getting a right dressing down!

Seen from the street, ‘the audience’ changes – one minute it’s the cute monsters, the next it’s the public on the pavement. Those naughty monsters are getting up to all kinds of mischief inside the windows, with no holds barred!

The Monster Show – it’s frightfully good

Uproarious little sideshows take you unawares at every turn, as Gustave and his raggle-taggle troupe ambush you inside the store!

There are five of them to watch out for: Gustave, the very hairy superstar of Christmas.The endearing and clumsy Monster, such a softy that you just want to hug him – but he’s too busy messing about!

Then there’s his companion, the gang’s chic female member: Papili Gaga is a real lady, with her made-up eyes, white gloves and perfect manicure.

Bubble is also pretty striking, with his small head and many arms – he doesn’t look scary though, in those sweet colours.

Fronzi and Vroumi are the last monsters in the gang, two colourful and nimble creatures who always pop up in unexpected places!


Les Galeries Lafayette
40, boulevard Haussmann 
75009 Paris 



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