A journey to Nantes!

From June 15, 2012 to August 19, 2012
  • The Great Elephant - Nantes

    The Great Elephant - Nantes

    © JDo Billaud

  • The rings - Nantes

    The rings - Nantes

    © JDo Billaud

  • Castle of the dukes of Brittany - Nantes

    Castle of the dukes of Brittany - Nantes

    © P.Bassen

  • The abolition of slavery Memorial Museum - Nantes

    The abolition of slavery Memorial Museum - Nantes

    © Architecte Rouleau+ Krzysztof Wodiczko et Julian Bonder

  • La Fabrique - Nantes

    La Fabrique - Nantes

    © Ville de Nantes

A journey to Nantes! 44000 Nantes fr

This métropole is one of the major cultural, artistic and creative poles in France, but you’re yet to see it at its best!

Le Voyage à Nantes (A journey to Nantes) is a culturally rich, coherent, sensitive and poetic journey to be discovered year round. The city is revealed in a dialogue between art and landscape, moving from an artwork of today to a remarkable element of the local heritage and then on to a contemporary piece of architecture. Overall, there are about 30 stops from East to West, joining to create a sensitive and poetic tour: Le voyage à Nantes has all the multiplicity and uniqueness of a scattered monument.

Historical and contemporary monuments, areas of art and culture

Le Voyage à Nantes is an 8.5km urban tour grouping all the remarkable areas of Nantes, some of which are the object of specific programming including: Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, Lieu Unique, Nantes Cathedral, Nantes-Angers Opéra, Hangar à bananes Art Center, Les Machines de l’île, Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery, Musée à ciel ouvert d’Estuaire, La Fabrique and more!

This summer, Le Voyage à Nantes will be marked by the opening of the Carrousel des Mondes Marins des Machines de l'Ile (Marine Worlds Carrousel, part of the Island Machines project) on the 14th of July, as well as the 3rd edition of Estuaire, an artistic tour to Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and along the Loire estuary.

The tour can be made on foot, by bike, public transport or by boat.

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