Musica Classica Festival in Corsica

From August 07, 2012 to August 11, 2012
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  • © Musica Classica

  • © Musica classica

Musica Classica Festival in Corsica 20220 Santa Reparata di Balagne fr

The festival, devoted to classical music, is held annually in the village of Santa Reparata di Balagna on delightful and atmospheric places. Performances by international renowned musicians celebrate the cultural rendez-vous in Balagne.

The best virtuosos and lecturers will please the visitors with their brilliant, even overexcited lyricism. The Classical Music Festival of Santa Reparata has become a successful event in Balagne and in L’Ile-Rousse.

Concerts and conferences are organized on the most beautiful places of the village. With this Festival, Balagne proves one’s in classical music. 

Enjoy the melodious music during the warm summer nights in Santa Reparata.