New opening of Paris’s Perfume Museum

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New opening of Paris’s Perfume Museum Paris fr

A heady start

Who was the first civilisation to create perfume? What are the essential ingredients in creating a perfume?


If you’d like to know the answers you’ll have to head to the Grand Musée du Parfum – perfume museum – opening in the heart of Paris in December 2016.


Besides the well-thought educational and historical approach to its subject matter – how to create a perfume – the museum promises a real sensory experience involving visitors and accompanying them in the development of their sense of smell.


No need to be an expert ‘nez’ to appreciate the museum’s exhibits and stories, the accessible style of the displays make it appealing to novices. Interactive and sensory, the expert settings of the exhibits also allow visitors to awaken another sense – sight.


Grand Musée du parfum

Opening December 2016

73 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris


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