Painters, witnesses of their time

From October 11, 2013 to March 16, 2014
Painters, witnesses of their time

The artist is the privileged witness of his times: he paints images, be they realistic or imaginary, and understood by all.

At the end of the 19th century, the advent of photography overturned that state of being: henceforth, it enabled the precise reproduction of reality and freed the artist from that obligation. He expressed himself differently and painted what he felt deep within himself. The frontiers of aestheticism were overturned: figuration gave way to abstraction.For the autumn-winter season 2013-2014, the Pinacothèque de Paris gives you an opportunity to discover this singular thematic by means of three visions:  

Goya and modernity / Pinacothèque 1

As a cruel and caustic witness of Spain in the modern period, Goya, the court's official painter, provided uncompromising portraits, denounced the horrors of his times, but also paid a handsome homage to the art of bull fighting. Goya had a cynical view of the world, that he shows us through his satires and his nightmarish metaphors, thus illustrating the political and economic upheavals of Spain and France at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Brueghel Dynasty / Pinacothèque 2

Truculent and picturesque witnesses of daily life, the Brueghel family and its artistic entourage (Jérôme Bosch, Joachim Patinir, Cornelis van Cleve) depicted the fairs, country festivities and the seasons. They also transcribed the period's taste for mythological or religious festivals as well as its fauna and flora. Their multicoloured vision, often idealized and always amused, reflects a faith in man and in God typical of the 16th and 17th centuries' mindset. The Brueghel dynasty also illustrates the prosperous development of Antwerp and Flanders at that time.

Chu Teh-Chun, Ways to abstraction / Pincothèque 2

A poetical and contemplative witness of the stylistic and philosophic querying of the second half of the 20th century, Chu Teh-Chun progressively freed himself from the restraints of figuration and he deconstructed it as far as abstraction. Sensitive to the French aesthetical researches, specifically those of Nicolas de Staël, and to the creations of the leading American representatives of Abstract Expressionism (Rothko, Sam Francis, de Kooning), he provided a portrait of the world's soul as well as of his own, after the abominations of World War Two. Nowadays, a very elderly abstract landscape painter, Chu Teh-Chun offers a synthesis of Western artistic currents and of Chinese traditions (calligraphy and painting).


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