Paris Plage 2017: The beach comes to Paris!

  • © Loïc Lagarde

    © Loïc Lagarde

  • © Marc Bertrand

    © Marc Bertrand

  • © Amélie Dupont

    © Amélie Dupont

Paris Plage 2017: The beach comes to Paris!

8th July to 3rd September 2017


Paris in the summer ticks all the right boxes. The long days and peppy nights are meant for outdoor enjoyment; watch a movie en plein air, attend various music festivals or simply head to the banks of the Seine between Pont Neuf and the Pont des Arts to sink your toes into the sand.


Every summer, Paris transforms into a beach destination with Paris Plage. Think of cabanas, deckchairs, palm trees and a whole lot of sand, ice cream vendors offering their creamiest best and street musicians with their guitars enticing you to move a leg or two – all elements that give you the taste of a convivial Parisian atmosphere. Before you set off to conclude that the sun and the sand is all that you'll experience, you'd be surprised to know that the Paris Plage is no ordinary event. During this period, the possibility of partying all the way from the left bank of the bridge of Solferino to the Alexander III Bridge; Right bank of the Pont de Sully to the Pont Neuf, including the square of the Town hall and the Bassin de la Villette- all of these are acceptable.Quelle chance! On the right bank, in the Voie Georges Pompidou, under the palm trees, you can loosen up with some non-competitive Tai-chi sessions, brush up your ballroom dancing skills or learn a new form (Zumba, Tropical and Latino dance classes anyone?) The esplanade in front of the City Hall will become THE place to be at, with several highlights including the Festival Fnac Live (free concerts featuring French singers, independent groups and young artists) and then a running track as part of the city applications for the 2024 Olympics. Deckchairs, fountains, pools, animations and shows will transform the Bassin de la Villette into a beach resort. Win French hearts by indulging in a friendly game of pétanque, or head to the string of nautical activities lined up for you: boating, rowing, canoeing, electric boating, pedal boating for children and adults, spheres, pedal biking, sailing and dragon boating.

What makes Paris Plage even more worthwhile is while adults can ensconce themselves on the elegant deckchairs, the needs of children are never ignored, for they can keep busy with countless entertaining activities. Between games of beach volleyball, bike rides, dancing under the water sprinklers and building sandcastles, Paris Plage has plenty of fun outlets for children of all ages to release some of that relentless energy! 

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