La route des villages: Paris-Cannes & Paris- Deauville

La route des villages: Paris-Cannes & Paris- Deauville paris fr

4 roues sous 1 parapluie has joined the association «Les Plus Beaux Villages de France ®» to organise two exceptional rallies in 2CV: «La Route des Villages, Paris-Cannes» from May 7th to 14th, 2017 and « La Route des Villages Paris-Deauville » from September 5th to 8th, 2017.


The aim of this prestigious rally is to join up about twenty of «Les Plus Beaux Villages de France ®», from Paris to Cannes and paris to Deauville, exploring the heritage, the terroir, the gastronomy, the craft industry and the hospitality that constitute the heart of the French way of living.         

Through its friendly and upscale positioning, this rally is designed for French and international customers.             



• An exceptional event dedicated to the most mythical convertible car, the 2CV

• A route which connects about twenty villages classified as «Les Plus Beaux Villages de France®»

• A discovery of prestigious sites and places

• An original treasure hunt with enigmas, clues and awards

• A unique and unforgettable experience of the French way of living in the different regions: heritage, terroir, gastronomy, crafts industry, charming hotels…

• An upscale and friendly positioning

• An arrival during the famous Cannes Film Festival or the Festival of American Film in Deauville!



  • French and international attendees
  • Lovers of France and the French way of living
  • Looking for adventure, discoveries and unique experience



  • A « treasure hunt »: original scenario
  • Every day, several riddles, all along the way, will help you to find the hidden clue in the stopover village
  • The last day, the clues (one/day) will allow you to solve the final riddle and to win the prize
  • A daily ranking is revealed during a cocktail party in each stopover village
  • A final ranking on the last night with a prize-giving ceremony for the first team who will find the answer of the final riddle



Founder of an innovative concept around the legendary convertible cars: Citroën Deux- Chevaux, 4 roues sous 1 parapluie was launched in Paris in 2003. 4 roues sous 1 parapluie offers a wide range of services where passengers will be charmed and delighted in the 2CV tours while discovering the true art French way of living.



The association includes 157 villages spread over 21 regions and 69 departments. It aims to avoid certain pitfalls such as villages turning into soulless museums or, on the contrary, «theme parks». The well-reasoned and passionate ambition is to reconcile villages with the future and to restore life around the fountain or in the square shaded by hundred year-old lime and plane trees. Since its inception, the association «Les Plus Beaux Villages de France ®» has firmly established its strategy around these three points: to preserve and enhance the quality of the heritage in the villages so as to increase their reputation while controlling the number of visitors and consequently fostering the development of economic activity linked to tourism.


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