Tous au restaurant: French Restaurant Week

From September 22, 2014 to September 28, 2014
  • Tous au restaurant

    © Yuri Arcurs/

    Tous au restaurant

    © Yuri Arcurs/

Tous au restaurant: French Restaurant Week fr

For the event’s 5th anniversary, this year’s edition of Tous au restaurant will invite the participation of restaurant owners and professionals in six of France’s biggest cities from Tuesday, May 27th to Thursday, July 3rd as the Tous au restaurant truck will make its way throughout France.

Sharing, passion, curiosity

The joys of eating only increase when they are shared. The theme being "your guest is our guest", diners are encouraged to come in pairs (or threes, or fours, or more!) and enjoy a meal together.

This culinary passion is shared by both diners and chefs. The French are all foodies in their own right- no surprise for a country whose gastronomic meal is classified as Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO!

Launched in 2010 by chefs Alain Ducasse and Laurent Plantier, Tous au restaurant invites the public to taste the best dishes France has to offer while honouring its diverse culinary heritage.

"Your guest is our guest"

The theme has remained the same since the event begun: "your guest is our guest". Chefs create special fixed-price Tous au restaurant menus consisting of an appetizer, main course and dessert (drinks may or may not be included.) The first guest chooses a menu, and the second guest receives the same menu for free.
The dishes on the menu, prices and the number of tables available are all at the discretion of the chef, as is the reservation policy: tables are either booked on the Tous au restaurant website, or by calling the restaurant directly.

Live cooking demonstrations

Cooking shows will be a welcome addition to the event, with two chefs working simultaneously to cook two recipes highlighting their partner products. Cooking inspiration and great recipe ideas are guaranteed!

Many chefs have joined Tous au restaurant, extending its reach to all four corners of France. From Paris to Marseille, from Lille to Strasbourg, stopping by Rennes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon and Montpellier, this weeklong festival will honor French chefs' inspired creations for the enjoyment of all.

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