Feel Champagne: home of the famous fizz

Champagne truly is a region for the senses:eyes linger over rows of vines; the ears delight at the pop of a cork; fingers clutch a cool glass filled with sparkling golden nectar as the nose breathes in its heady bouquet, and taste buds tingle with each and every sip. The Champagne region lies 150km east of Paris, there’s perhaps no other region in the world whose name has been made so famous by a local product; it goes without saying that one of Champagne’s major attractions is its eponymous Route de Champagne, drawing tourists from around the world to discover the strictly-regulated but magical process of champagne production. Both famous brands and family-run enterprises welcome visitors into their vineyards and cellars for a truly delicious educational experience.


But there are other things to feast on in the Champagne region besides the fizz. Reims and Troyes each boast a rich architectural heritage; arty Châlons-en-Champagne has earned the nickname ‘little Venice’ for its romantic waterside setting; and there’s fine gastronomy in abundance, from ham and creamy cheese to sloe gin and pretty pink biscuits. There are plenty of arts and crafts and a jazz festival comes to Reims every August. You can experience the Champagne region in a variety of ways – it’s a region of peaceful, picturesque countryside with several natural parks, the Ardennes mountain range and 600km of canals and waterways, ideal for cycling, horse-riding and walking and waterborne activities.  


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The Champagne region