Great War Centennial - Agenda

  • Chemin des dames - constellation de la douleur

    © Dessirier

    Chemin des dames - constellation de la douleur

    © Dessirier

  • Exposition écrivains dans la grande guerre

    © cy.medmoun - historial de la grande guerre

    Exposition écrivains dans la grande guerre

    © cy.medmoun - historial de la grande guerre

  • 1st July 2016

    © Somme Tourisme

    1st July 2016

    © Somme Tourisme

  • United pipers

    © Christian Huby

    United pipers

    © Christian Huby

  • Musee Werth Erstein

    © Benoit Linder

    Musee Werth Erstein

    © Benoit Linder

  • Son et Lumieres - Great War

    © Marc Gundner

    Son et Lumieres - Great War

    © Marc Gundner

Great War Centennial - Agenda

Until December 2018 – Centre
Mondial de la Paix

¨What remains of the Great War ?¨  Centre Mondial de la Paix, Verdun (Meuse)

Covering more than 600 sq.m of space at the
World Peace Centre in Verdun, this exhibition aims to explain the First World
War, its impact on the 20th century,
Europe and the world. Using the latest technologies (3D, augmented reality and
video), it immerses the visitor in the Great War.

Military and civilian objects as well as images
(prints, photos, posters) will impress visitors by their intimacy and modernity
and provide a realistic impression of a society at war.

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Since October 2016 until March 2018

Exhibition Champagne in the heart of Turmoil in

The Cité du Champagne Collet-Cogevi will be
hosting the exhibition Champagne and wars, the Marne in the heart of turmoil
till September 2017. This exhibition, conceived as a testimony, was inspired by
the will to illustrate the great historical facts that occurred in Champagne
and to tell the less known events which enabled it to victoriously overcome
those conflicts.

Through pictures and writings from that period,
it is a great tribute to the Champagne area and more particularly to the Marne,
which was deeply scarred by the two world wars. A cycle of monthly lectures
will be held during the whole exhibition duration.

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From Mid-March / Mid-June 2017

Exhibition "Witness" - Arras

Partnership with the Canadian War museum of
Ottawa in the Arras Fine Art Museum.

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From Mid-March/ Mid-May, 2017

Outdoor Exhibition of "Faces of the Battle
of Arras" - Center of Arras

Portraits and stories of Soldiers of the
Commonwealth who took part in the Battle of Arras

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17 March to 23 December 2017

Exhibition “1917, the first liberation of Noyon”
- Musée du Noyonnais

This exhibition redraws from historical
documents, steps of the first liberation of the consecutive Oise of the German
fold on the line Hindenburg.

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22 April 2017

ANZAC Day Ceremony in Longueval

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25 April 2017

ANZAC Day in Villers-Bretonneux

Always a time of intense emotion, the Anzac Day
Dawn Service, held at 5.30am on 25 April at the Australian National Memorial,
pays tribute to the soldiers who fought and died in World War I and in
particular at the Battle of Amiens in 1918.

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25 April 2017

Inauguration of the new Franco-Australian Museum
in Villers-Bretonneux

On 24 April 1918, the Australian actions at
Villers-Bretonneux hastened the retreat of the German Amy and the end of the
First World War. The once thriving town was in ruins. To rebuild it, French and
Australians helped one another in and international show of
solidarity that can still be seen today. The museum presents this previously
untold chapter of WW1 history, with a focus on remembrance and the building a
new future.

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From May to November 2017

Exhibition “Zinoviev” at the Museum of the Great
War, Péronne (Somme)

Exhibition about the itinerary and work of
Alexandre Zinoview, a Russian painter on the Western Front.

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From 17 May to 30 June 2017

Exhibition on the arrival of the American troops
in France and in Champagne in Suippes

From spring 2017, the Marne 14-18 Interpretation
Center will propose an exhibition dedicated upon the arrival of the American
troops in France and in Champagne, about the fights and also about the American
help in the reconstruction. This exhibition will present objects of time and
material as well as numerous testimonies.

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20-21 May 2017

Ceremony to mark the centenary of the first
employment of French tanks at Berry-au-Bac

WW1 army camp with period tanks over the

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Last Sunday of May 2017

A day of commemoration in remem­brance of the
American soldiers

Memorial Day is commemorated in the three
American cemeteries of Belleau, Seringes-et-Nesles and Bony.

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3-4 June 2017

100th anniversary
of the German retreat on the Hindenburg line

Historical pageant on the occasion of 100th of
the German retreat on the Hindenburg line to Nampcel. Military material,
visits, guided walk, exhibition, conference …

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15 to 18 June 2017

Les Rencontres de Verdun - Meuse

As part of the Battle of Verdun centenary
commemorations, the 101st anniversary
of which will be marked in 2017, an extensive programme of cultural events and
commemorative ceremonies has been organised for the general public.

The 9th “Rencontres
de Verdun” will be held from 15 to 18 June 2017, on the theme of “An
international war”. Throughout this four-day event, the Meuse “Mission
Histoire” (history team) and its partners will be there to welcome you to
Verdun and its battlefield, and to share the story of this famous battle with

Among the highlights is the 4th Meuse
Great War half marathon, which takes place on Sunday 18 June.


16 June to 29 July 2017 (Friday and Saturday
evenings, except Friday 14th)

event "Des Flammes... à la lumière" (“From Flames... to Light”) -
Haudainville Quarry, Verdun

600 volunteers in the “Connaissance de la Meuse”
Association remember one of the largest conflicts in the history of mankind –
the Battle of Verdun. 300 French and German actors on stage, 900 costumes, 1000
spotlights, 40 km of cables are combined with special effects to provide a
grandiose historic remembrance in an outstanding setting in Verdun. In a
performance lasting 75 minutes, the major events spanning the period between
the “Edwardian Era” and the Great War will be unfurled before your eyes. It has
a particular significance in Verdun since the town has become a global symbol
of reconciliation. The show ends with a message of hope, a message of Peace.

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24 June 2017

The music in the First World War

Jazz concert in the Quarries of Montigny to
Machemont. Exhibition on the music in the Great War.

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25 June 2017

100th anniversary
of the taking of the Caverne du Dragon

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1 July 2017

Commemoration of the anniversary of the Battle
of the Somme-La Boisselle, Thiepval, Beaumont-Hamel and Fricourt

A number of different commemorative events
remembering the Fallen of WW1 will be held on 1 July 2017 at the Lochnagar
Crater of La Boisselle, the Franco British Memorial and the Ulster Tower in
Thiepval, the Newfoundland Memorial in Beaumont-Hamel and the German Cemetery
in Fricourt.

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9 July 2017

Commemoration of the Battle of Delville Wood at

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21-30 July 2017

The Lorraine Hot-Air Balloon World Championships

Every two years for the last two decades the
Lorraine region has played host to the world’s leading hot-air balloon
competition. This event takes place at a former US Air Force NATO base (it was
home to Michael Collins in 1969 - a member of the Apollo XI moon mission). The
last edition of this event in 2015 welcomed more than 400,000 spectators and
two new world records were set. 2,836 crew members from 46 different countries
took part! The USA is always very strongly represented here.

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14-17 September 2017

Ceremonies, concerts, sporting events in
remembrance of the French and British rugby players who fell on the Chemin des

Unveiling of the Rugby International Monument at

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23-24 September 2017

'Coucy like it was in 1917'

Reconstruction of how daily life was lived in
Coucy at the beginning of the 20th century
during the German occupation and after the return of French troops.




7-8 October 2017

The sport in the Great War

Festive weekend on the Museum Territory 14-18
with exhibition, conference, sporting demonstrations (rugby, athletics,
football), hiking, film projection etc.

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21-29 October 2017

100th anniversary
of the Battle of Malmaison

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From 30 October until 11 November 2017

The Grateful Nation - Verdun (Meuse)

Journey of the Sacred Flame, from Paris to
Verdun from 30 October to 12 November.

“Visions d’histoire” film festival, at Verdun
cinema on 3, 4 & 5 November.

History book fair, Verdun, 11 & 12 November.


26 November 2017

Inauguration of the Battle of Cambrai visitors
centre – Flesquières

Presenting the tank Deborah, a British tank
rediscovered on the former battlefield in 1998.



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