Learn more about New Caledonia

Learn more about New Caledonia nc

The big island.

New Caledonia is the third largest island in the Pacific after Papuasia New Guinea and New-Zealand.

New Caledonia is an archipelago which is part of Melanesia.

Its main Island (La Grande Terre) is 400 km long with a width that does not exceed 60 km. A beautiful mountain range runs the length of the mainland. The highest peak, Mont-Panié culminates at 1629 m.

The many islands and islets surrounding New Caledonia make it a real treasure of biodiversity.

Boasting the largest closed lagoon in the world with its 24000 km² of turquoise water and its 1600 km long barrier reef, New Caledonian nature is richly endowed with native species.

The population of the “caillou” ( the locals nickname for New Caledonia) forms a mosaic of ethnic groups totaling about 250000 inhabitants, more than half living in Noumea, the capital.. In this tropical melting pot, Melanisians (Kanaks) represent about 45% of the population while Caledonians of Europeans descent account for some 35%. The reminder is represented by Asians and Polynesians.


Not to be missed:

                             ●  Noumea, Tjibaou cultural centre

                             ●  Amédéé lighhouse

                             ●  Pine island

                             ●  Bourail and Roche Percée

                             ●  Yaté and the Blue River park



A magical island which lies 80 km to the south-east of Noumea : Pine island  ( Ile des Pins). A place away from it all where life unfolds unhurriedly, with some of the best beaches anywhere.



Please note : current tender for the Pacific zone is the Pacific franc (xpf) at fixed parity with the euro : € 1 = 119,33 Fcfp


Web : www.nouvellecaledonietourisme-sud.com



La Tontouta International airport ( 50 km from Nouméa)

No direct flights  to Wallis. Connection from Nouméa airport.


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