LGBT "gay-and-lesbian friendly" venues in Paris

  • LGBT places to party in Paris

    LGBT places to party in Paris - © Atout France

    LGBT places to party in Paris

    LGBT places to party in Paris - © Atout France

LGBT "gay-and-lesbian friendly" venues in Paris paris fr


La boîte à frissons (Tango)

Themed evening events and dances, in a warm and good-natured atmosphere. The clientele is very mixed so it’s ideal for bopping along to pop music that ranges from 1980s tunes to the latest hits. Passions are unleashed during the evening when Dalida sings her first notes! 

Le Dépôt

This gay club, exclusively for men, is perfect for meeting new friends, flirting, dancing and more if you seem to click... There is a different programme every night but the clientele remains loyal to this amazing gay club. If you are daring, at the week-end, this gay club offers the most torrid evening’s entertainment in Paris!

Banana Café

Banana Café, with its themed evenings, welcomes you and wants you to have fun with friends until the night ends! This unique venue in the Parisian gay world let’s you enjoy yourself in a fun, relaxed atmosphere that is very gay-friendly. Enjoy the happy hour that lasts until 11.00 p.m; there’s a piano-bar at week-ends.

3W Kafé

In Paris, women can meet in this cosy bar with its intimate atmosphere where there is also dancing. The Café holds blind-test evenings and after-work parties and offers themed aperitifs. The bar is a great place in which to meet new people! Come and dance the night away in a relaxed and sensual atmosphere to the beat of minimalist or house music.

Bear's Den

As a great place to have a drink with friends and meet new people, this gay bar welcomes open-minded, warm-hearted LGBT patrons – and there are lots of beardies. Let yourself go on the dance floor, known as “the grotto”, which takes its name from the very welcoming atmosphere of the place.


This night club, with its retro decor that harks back to the sixties, also serves as a concert venue for the latest music scene. During the week, it hosts daring acts, while on Saturday nights, the best house DJs take possession of the dance floor.

Open Café

In the heart of the gay Marais, the Open Café is where it’s at. It is so welcoming to LGBT people, the perfect place to sip a cocktail with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. At the week-end, it is positively besieged, so it’s a good idea to get there early. The best news is that happy hour extends late into the night!


This very popular address in the Marais transforms its pavement into a parade à la Jean-Paul Gaultier the whole year round. The terrace is sometimes overcrowded, especially during happy-hour, because people are eager to chat and meet someone new. At the weekend, it’s a meeting place for bopping to the rhythm of music introduced by the resident house DJs.

Le Bar'Ouf

Created by two women, the Bar’Ouf is a delightful and convivial setting. You will feel right at home, having fun and dancing in a setting that is full of works of art gleaned from many art exhibitions. For those who enjoy playing, a billiard tournament is organised monthly.

La Mutinerie

This very switched-on feminist venue combines culture with politics. Tolerance is the watchword and the right to celebrate difference. At the weekend, the floor is cleared for dancing! Programming matches the venue’s philosophy – colourful and diverse. The genres alternate from grunge to Creole, and even burlesque.

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