An arty outing in Roubaix with Jean-Christophe Levassor

Published on September 07, 2017
  • Le Dyptique

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    Le Dyptique

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  • La condition publique

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    La condition publique

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  • Le Delta Studio

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    Le Delta Studio

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  • Le "Non-Lieu"

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    Le "Non-Lieu"

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  • La Plus Petite Galerie Du Monde

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    La Plus Petite Galerie Du Monde

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  • Parc Barbieux

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    Parc Barbieux

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  • La Piscine

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    La Piscine

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  • Le café Jean

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    Le café Jean

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  • Le Mercado Negro

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    Le Mercado Negro

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  • L’Ankama

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An arty outing in Roubaix with Jean-Christophe Levassor roubaix fr

Full speed ahead for Roubaix! You
wouldn’t want to miss the final days of our big exhibition at La Condition
Publique: Street Generation(s), with 40 years of urban art from 50 renowned
artists... on until 9 July. It’s a fine opportunity for an artistic, creative,
and culture-filled trip to France’s north, just 1.5 hours from Paris.

1/ La Condition Publique  

Located at the heart of the historic
Pile neighbourhood, La Condition Publique is a lab and melting pot for
creativity and home to artists’ studios and start-ups alike. It also serves as
a venue for a whole programme of events, festivals, and exhibitions.

2/ Le Delta Studio  

I really love this place: simultaneously
a studio, artists’ residence, and exhibition space.

3/ Le “Non-Lieu”  

This place is fantastic. It has the allure of a converted
factory, and combines heritage with artists at work.

Open on request

4/ La Plus Petite Galerie Du Monde  

A nice gallery with great art in the pipeline. You
should also pop in to La Danseuse, another small gallery just opposite.

5/ Barbieux Park

It was Roubaix’s rival to Paris’ Champ de Mars, back
when Roubaix was one of the richest and most powerful cities in France (Ed.
– The park was
built for
the International Expo in 1911

6/ La Piscine (visuel roubaix-42)

You can’t mention Roubaix without
mentioning its old swimming pool, now a museum, that stands as a shining
example of regenerated heritage. The building’s historical appearance has been
maintained, working with locals, in an attachment that can still be felt today.

Every day except Monday.


Café Jean

My favourite and a real family home,
where they make everything themselves. It harkens back to days not so long gone...

Mercado Negro

Just what Roubaix needed! Combining
industrial charm with the antique feel that is everywhere in France’s north, it
only opens on evenings, from Thursday onwards. 
You can have tapas or sit down for dinner (really tasty Portuguese
dishes). And sometimes the evening just keeps going... all the way to 3am!


High quality cuisine in a delightful
setting of a modernised canteen.


  • From factory to art gallery: La Manufacture
  • An unusual concert hall: La
    Cave aux poètes
  • Creative and trendy
    Grand Bassin, Wednesday to Sunday, or the studio boutiques of the Maisons de
    , next to La Piscine museum, Wednesday to Saturday
  • An amazing modernist chateau: La Villa Cavrois, designed by Robert Mallet Stevens and fully restored.
    Every day except Tuesday.
  • And before jumping on the train home: pop in to the Librairie Autour des mots,
    opposite the station.


Director of La Condition Publique since
January 2016, Jean-Christophe Levassor knows the area well, having previously
served as the Director of Culture for the city of Lille.


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