The Delights of "Vice Versa" by Chantal Thomass

Published on February 17, 2016
  • © François Le Prat

    © François Le Prat

The Delights of "Vice Versa" by Chantal Thomass 75 Paris fr

Chantal Thomass opens the doors to a Parisian hotel designd around the Seven Deadly Sins

The famed fashion designer is leaving her mark on a new establishment in the 15e arrondissement of Paris. What makes it special? It's décor and atmosphere were conceived to be evocative of the seven deadly sins.

This new hotel, the Vice Versa, situated on the Rue de la Croix Nivert, has seven floors for the seven sins and 37 rooms.

Each floor is dedicated to a particular transgression: envy, pride, lust, sloth, wrath, greed and gluttony. Chantal Thomass let her imagination run wild in the creation of each environment, taking charge of the decoration, furnishings and fixtures, among other things. A bar "in heaven" and a hammam "in hell" complete the picture.

For lust, Chantal played on sensuality: a mirror on the ceiling, pink and black tones, and her signature heart-shaped objects give a particular ambiance to the room. Sloth was represented by a more pastoral palette - pink blush and almond green tones, complemented with butterflies.

Rates at the hotel run from 149€ for a classic room and 199€ for a Deluxe room.

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