French University of Tourism Summer School

Published on April 05, 2016
  • 25th June to 23 July 2016

    25th June to 23 July 2016

  • Paris - The international University Campus

    Paris - The international University Campus

  • Paris - The Sorbonne University

    Paris - The Sorbonne University

  • Angers - Student room

    Angers - Student room

  • Summer School 2016

    Summer School 2016

French University of Tourism Summer School toulouse fr

Bringing together 13 higher education institutions, the French University of Tourism (AsTRES) will organise its First international summer school starting from June 25th to July 23th 2016. Called “Tourism Destination Management: Learning from France”, this program in English will take place in four famous French regions: Nice and the Riviera ; Toulouse and Midi-Pyrénées ; Angers and the Loire Valley; Paris and its region. It will draw upon the theories, research, and professional knowledge of a diverse team of professors and practitioners renowned in their respective fields.


As a tourist destination, France has everything to offer from sandy beaches, to snow-capped mountainsand vast expanses of countryside. It is a country steeped in culture with its iconic landmarks, castles,world-class art and history, not to mention the gastronomical tradition that attracts food enthusiasts fromacross the world.Courses at the French University of Tourism take place over a four-week period, during which studentswill visit some of France's most stunning locations in four of its most famous regions: the Riviera,Toulouse, Angers, and finally Paris.


By bringing together state of the art training and research institutions in the field of tourism, the course gives students exposure to the best that France has to offer in terms of tourism. The classes, setting and network of experienced professionals makes this a leading program in tourism management.

The program focuses on the following themes:



The program enables participants not only to fully immerse themselves in French life, but to do so within a multi-cultural framework. This unique mixture is made possible by the different nationalities of the students attending the one-month course. The various organised trips and activities will be the opportunity to fully experience student life in France in the cities of Nice, Toulouse, Angers and Paris.

Do you hold a bachelor degree or equivalent? Apply before May 15th 2016 to this high-level educational course! To know all about the program and the application procedure, go to


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