Long live the lagoon

Published on October 13, 2015
  • Ile of Pines

    Ile of Pines

  • Ile of Pines

    Ile of Pines

  • Pristine waters

    Pristine waters

  • Spectacular nature - Ouvéa

    Spectacular nature - Ouvéa

Long live the lagoon nc

New Caledonia's UNESCO World Heritage listed lagoon is a boundless playground
offering infinite scope for leisure and sports activities.

The profuseness and luxuriance of the lagoon is unequalled in terms of species.
Protected from the swell and deep sea predators by the coral reef, the lagoon
harbours unique treasures waiting to be discovered.

The conditions are simply perfect. Warm waters all year round with temperatures
between 21 and 28° and variable lagoon depths between 5 and more than 15
metres, offering some of the best diving sites in the world: shallow, medium or
bottomless depths, for beginners or experienced divers, the lagoon is welcoming
and calm.

Explore the largest lagoon in the world and the second largest barrier reef by diving and
snorkelling around the rich coral gardens.

There are many half and full day trips that allow visitors to explore the crystal clear
waters and UNESCO World Heritage Listed Lagoon surrounding Noumea. In between
snorkelling to spot turtles, tropical fish and colourful coral gardens, you can
enjoy a fresh picnic lunch of baguettes and cheese on a white sandy beach at
one of the many picturesque islets, while soaking up the serenity and beauty of
the area.

Thrills for all

The lagoon is a dream location for watersports fans: windsurfing, kitesurfing,
wakeboarding, SUP, flyboarding... take your pick! You’ll find plenty of
specialist providers offering courses and introductory lessons. You can also
try your hand at sport fishing or line fishing or join seasoned professionals
and go scuba diving to observe the beauties of the magical underwater world. We
recommend a discovery day at the coral barrier reef... utterly breathtaking!


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