Marseille inaugurates the Terrasses du Port

By Avec | Published on June 30, 2014
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Marseille inaugurates the Terrasses du Port Marseille fr

On May 23rd, the Terrasses du Port (terraces on the port) opened their doors in Marseille, to the delight of the city’s residents who have awaited it for months…the inauguration took place under the sun.

The Terrasses du Port consists of 190 stores, 28 of which are opening for the first time in Marseille. Its main attraction is its 260 meter long terrace with a view of the sea. The project’s director, Sandra Chalinet, likens it to the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice.
The space hopes to enliven the port with numerous events. The agency Bordeline plans to organize “an event per evening”, the first of which was held on June 6th.

The shopping centre aims to appeal to cruise passengers, with nearly 1.5 million visitors having arrived in 2013 according to Jean Philippe Mouton, president and CEO of Hammerson France. If its targeted clientele is largely local and national, “these cruise passengers are the icing on the cake for us”, he declared. In this way, he hopes that the shopping centre will appeal more than 50% of cruise passengers.

The Terrasses du Port inauguration is not without plenty of novelty. The store Printemps is opening a second location in a single city for the first time, and Japanese retailer Uniqlo will be opening its second store in France after Paris with the slogan “From Tokyo to Marseille”. Uniqlo’s European spokesperson Bendt Hauptkorn admitted that “Marseille’s status as a European capital worked in its favour.”
The shopping centre hopes to attract 15 million visitors a year, bringing in between 350 and 400 million Euros.

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