A new youth – the sneaker culture with le Coq Sportif

Published on September 17, 2015
  • LCS R900 in black

    LCS R900 in black

  • LCS R900 in navy blue

    LCS R900 in navy blue

  • LCS R900

    LCS R900

  • Le coq sportif

    Le coq sportif

A new youth – the sneaker culture with le Coq Sportif

There are a lot of constantly evolving and emerging fashion trends out there, and one having a particularly large moment is sneakers. Although sneakers have in some ways become more of a mass-market ‘trendy’ style, particularly in the youth culture, it is important to know there is much more to the deep world of sneakers. To be a true ‘sneaker head’ it is important to understand and appreciate the history, brands and personalities that have seen the evolution of the sports shoe grow from court to streets.

The first step is knowing that sneakers have a long and fascinating past, and that of French brand le coq sportif’s history is no exception. It is clear to see how le coq sportif has become a household name and influential brand in the sneaker world, and this year celebrate the relaunch of their iconic R900 shoe.

It all started in 1882 with the opening of a little hosiery store in Romilly-sur-Seine, in a part of the Champagne region called the Aube, synonymous with the finest in hosiery craftsmanship. One of these craftsmen, Emile Camuset, combined his dual passion for hosiery and sport to create the tricolour brand. Applying his drive and expertise, he became the leader in sports apparel and the premier choice for all sportsmen.

Since then, Le coq sportif’s sincerity and passion to the craftsman’s exacting values has brought the brand to the pinnacle of world sporting excellence. Emile Camuset loved sports with a fierce passion. When he started making sports jersey in his small workshop, he probably never dreamed that, 130 years later, le coq sportif would become one of the world's most prestigious brands, renowned for its clothing, footwear and sporting equipment.

With this rich history, it is safe to say le coq sportif is embedded in the culture of France, and therefore played a vital role in the development of sneaker culture internationally. 

In the early '90s, major shoe brands began to tap into inner-city markets when they realised that young people were buying the same shoes their favorite basketball, tennis players or athletes were wearing.  For le coq sportif, this kicked off the era of shoes designed exclusively for running. Using Dynactif technology, a true innovation at the time, Le coq sportif was the very first brand to emphasise shock absorption and foot protection, symbolised by a downward-pointing triangle, and upward movement and propulsion, with an upward-pointing triangle. And so le coq sportif became one of the first suppliers to the growing community of runners.

Sneakers are a prime example of a trend that began in the sporting arena and then spread to the masses. This rings true with le coq sportif’s designs. It was their starting point for the iconic LCS R 900 designed during this time that the French athletic brand was on the cutting edge of running shoe technology. 
Many sneaker fans know that most new styles that are released are actually a re-edition, rather than a brand new design.  This year, le coq sportif has released the LCS R900 in a nod to their innovative running shoes that made the brand a success in the 30 years ago.  Riding on the retro trend that is so popular in todays market, todays LCS R900 goes beyond a simple reissue, and the shoe now combines modern, minimalist sporty inspiration with French-style elegance, in burgundy, navy, black, and grey monochrome.
Jump righ back to the 90's with the new LCS R900 inspired by the iconic R1000!

This month, you can win a pair of Le Coq Sportif R900 monochrome black valued at $130! 
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