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Published on November 18, 2015
  • Cimetière Colleville ©E. Valere CRT

    Cimetière Colleville ©E. Valere CRT

    © ©E. Valere CRT

  • Arromanches-les-bains Calvados ©J.Mercier-Papin D. Dumas

    Arromanches-les-bains Calvados ©J.Mercier-Papin D. Dumas

    © ©J.Mercier-Papin D. Dumas

  • DDay Longues ©Gérard Véclin -

    DDay Longues ©Gérard Véclin -

    © ©Gérard Véclin -

  • Arromanches port artificiel ©Calvados Tourisme

    Arromanches port artificiel ©Calvados Tourisme

    © ©Calvados Tourisme

  • Bessin parcours panneaux historiques ©Calvados Tourisme

    Bessin parcours panneaux historiques ©Calvados Tourisme

    © ©Calvados Tourisme

  • Pointe du Hoc ©Calvados Tourisme

    Pointe du Hoc ©Calvados Tourisme

    © ©Calvados Tourisme

  • Arromanches Bessin ©Calvados Tourisme

    Arromanches Bessin ©Calvados Tourisme

    © ©Calvados Tourisme

Normandy destination D-Day Falaise fr

On June 6th 1944 and during the long summer which followed, men from the world over came to fight in Normandy to defeat Nazism and to re-establish Freedom.

Normandy will bear the scars of this moment in history forever. Every year we remember and pay tribute to the veterans from America, Britain, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Poland, Australia, France and to their brothers in arms, to those many heroes who lost their lives here during that summer of 1944, and are at rest in the cemeteries to be found throughout the area. Exploring History in Normandy like an open book so you can understand not just the military strategies of the Allied and German forces in 1944 – 1945, but also the key elements of the beginnings of the Europe we know today.

It is often forgotten that the people of Normandy also paid a heavy price in those terrible battles.

The Memorial for Civilians in the War - Falaise Opening Spring 2016

The battle which began in Normandy at dawn on June 6th 1944 saw two million soldiers locked in conflict for nearly three months, and in their midst were a million civilians.The Memorial for Civilians in the War will broach the subject of daily life during the Occupation, the Liberation and the Reconstruction, not just in Normandy, but in France and abroad as well: the inhabitants of Falaise, like those of Caen, London or Dresden paid the price of defeating the Nazis.

More information here.

Discover or rediscover the main memorial sites where significant efforts are always being made to ensure that your visit is a special moment for you, your children and your grandchildren.We share common emotions.

History lives and breathes every day in Normandy. Welcome to Normandy!


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