Refurbishment of Fort de la Pompelle and its Museum

Published on February 20, 2014
  • Fort de la Pompelle

    Fort de la Pompelle

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Refurbishment of Fort de la Pompelle and its Museum 51100 Reims fr

The Museum Fort de la Pompelle is listed historical monument. It was the high place of the resistance in Reims during the 1st World War. For the first time in its history, most of the site will be accessible to the public (barracks, courtyards, shooting locations and fortifications). The highlight is the return of the entrance to the fort which was ruined after the war. This monumental gate on its lintel inscription "Fort de la Pompelle" and the year of its commissioned "1884" was put together with the same period photographs and original features still in place . It gives all the meaning to the symbolism which is linked to the place.

For the Centenary, the Fort and its museum will be renovated in order to let visitors discover the site and understand its history and heritage.


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