St. Amour, the most romantic grand cru

Published on February 14, 2014
St. Amour, the most romantic grand cru Saint-Amour fr

Lovingly produced by only a handful of winemakers, the Saint-Amour grand cru is the northernmost of the ten grand crus from the Beaujolais wine region, and an understandably popular choice of wine for Valentine's Day.

From the granite, shale and clay terrain in the region, two types of red wine are produced within the appellation, differentiated by their production process. A short maceration produces a more delicate wine, with notes of berry, peony and peach. This lighter-bodied wine is best consumed after 12-15 months of aging.  The second type of wine is full-bodied, with fragrant, spicy notes. These wines are best enjoyed after 4 or 5 years of aging.

With its sparkling ruby color and harmonious aromas, its no wonder that Saint-Amour is capturing the hearts of more and more wine-lovers.


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