UK & Europe, the Road to…

Published on April 27, 2016
UK & Europe, the Road to…

Looking to discover the roads throughout the UK & Europe and experience something different this summer? When you book & pay before 30 June, you could SAVE on car hire and motorhome rentals in your favourite European locations.

At DriveAway Holidays, we do everything we can to make sure you have the best experience possible on your self-drive holiday. We have collaborated, researched and even personally travelled some of our most popular destinations to compile an astounding amount of comprehensive downloadable driving guides.

If you are after a day to day guide for the best drives, check out our top drives online. With drives and itineraries from the UK to Germany we have everything you need to plan your next self-drive holiday.

Why book with DriveAway?

If you are looking to stay in Europe between 21 – 175 days, then why not drive Europe in style with a Peugeot lease.

Peugeot Leasing is ideal for travellers planning an extendedn holiday in Europe. It is a great alternative to car rental and represents good value for your holiday dollar. A Peugeot lease gives you the freedom to cruise the open roads of Europe. Specifically designed for non-European residents and travellers planning an extended holiday in Europe.

Perks of Peugeot Leasing.

A self-drive holiday is the best way to see all the famous attractions Europe has to offer. You’ll have the freedom to explore the cities, as well as all the nooks and crannies of the small towns and villages. You have the choice to travel within one country, or get set to explore as many as you please.

For more information and to book simply call DriveAway Holidays on 1300 363 500 or visit .

Conditions apply: *There is no charge for an additional driver however restrictions do apply. Immediate family members may drive the vehicle; however under no circumstances can they take the vehicle across any borders. Further conditions apply, contact DriveAway Holidays for details. DAH Holdings Pty Ltd – Part of the Auto Europe LLC Group – ABN 67 107 041 912. 


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