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A jewel of Courchevel in the heart of the world’s largest skiing area, the exceptional five-star Cheval Blanc presents as a mountain refuge but is also a gastronome’s delight.


The restaurant, Le 1947, owes its name to Cheval Blanc’s most prestigious and highly sought after vintage, a listed premier grand cru, and was recently awarded two stars by the famous Michelin Guide.

Since Yannick Alléno’s arrival in 2008/2009, he has created a fresh culinary identity for Le 1947 and a gastronomic sense of direction.


In a generous and contemporary style, Alléno has developed an “Ode to the traditional mountain terroir and a refined menu adding to the already famous “Poulet à la bouteille”, chicken in a Cheval Blanc marinade.


For lunch, he invented the light-hearted concept, involving a profusion of small specialities reflecting local market produce, where the buffet is brought to the table with mountain tapas in gourmet portions:


  1. A welcome soup

  1. Nine variations on mountain tapas

  1. Four suggestions for the dish of the day cooked on the spot (meat, fish, vegetarian or pasta)

  1. Seven legendary deserts, from the Paris-Courchevel to the vanilla slice and the myrtle tart

               Cheval Blanc, 1er Grand Cru                1947 Restaurant
                      Copyright: Marc Bérénguer                                   Copyright: Marc Bérénguer


Teatime at Cheval Blanc is equally as exciting with an abundance of traditional deserts. A meeting-place like Proust’s madeleine, open to all food lovers and evocative of their childhood memories.


For dinner takes on a new creative level with cuisine and a menu designed to simply awaken the senses: leek doused in a Vin Jaune bechamel sauce, black truffles cooked en papillote in the juices of sliced beef and marrow, followed by black angus beef filet “à la royale”, pasta cooked in a lightly creamed truffle juice sauce, and finally, a juicy pear rolled in mulled wine with cinnamon-flavoured orange chutney...


With a single shared table, Yannick Alléno creates a unique atmosphere, simple and convivial.  Around this one-piece wooden table, raised and set without tablecloth, the chef presents a traditional yet unique manner gastronomic appreciation for 8 to 12 guests, ideal for a group of friends or family.


Cheval Blanc – an unforgettable experience... 


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