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LA LISTE, 1,000 Outstanding Restaurants

LA LISTE, the leading international restaurant ranking based on data compiled from hundreds of guidebooks and online review sites, lists 1,000 exceptional restaurants from around the world. The results of the 2015 edition has been revealed in Paris on 17 December and online at LALISTE.COM.

Once a privilege of the elite, gastronomy is now undergoing a radical transformation. Through entertainment and images, it is entering our daily lives, while new culinary cultures are constantly emerging.

Gastronomic guidebooks are getting in on the act, with hundreds now available featuring reviews of restaurants in their regions, based on a wide variety of criteria. International rankings have sprung up, which for some have kept “culinary nationalism” alive. Online comments posted on various interactive websites (e.g. TripAdvisor, Yelp, L’Internaute) provide essential extra information, but which is sometimes disputed.

Although this abundance of information is of great use to gourmets, it can also be a source of confusion or even manipulation if clear criteria are not established.

The goal of LA LISTE, whose first ranking will be unveiled in Paris on 17 December, is to provide these criteria by summarising all available information on the world’s 1,000 top restaurants.

 LA LISTE is designed to be an aggregator, a “best of the best” based on the ATP model for tennis, the Shanghai Ranking for universities and Rotten Tomatoes for film reviews. Its aim is not to rank gastronomic cultures or pass judgment on the quality of restaurants, but simply to compile the reviews from all existing guidebooks and online comments in order to provide a list of 1,000 exceptional restaurants around the world.

These results were achieved using a fair and transparent methodology.

• Firstly, they listed, harmonized and compiled the scores awarded to several thousand restaurants by almost 200 guidebooks and online review sites.

• Scores relating to the wine list, service and decor were also included.

• They then asked a panel of around 150,000 restaurant owners to rate the reliability of the different guidebooks.

• The results of that survey, carried out under professional supervision, determined the relative weighting of each guidebook in each restaurant’s overall score.

• Finally, actual comments from interactive websites were included, which accounted for 25% of the overall score.

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