48 hours in Nancy, the city of beauty and goodness!

A laboratory for Art Nouveau, Nancy is still its showcase. This is to say if the capital of the Dukes of Lorraine has artistic flair! From Villa Majorelle, the first building of total art just renovated, to gourmet workshops where macaroons and bergamots simmer, passing through Place Stanislas, a jewel classified by Unesco. We take you behind the scenes of a city that cultivates a taste for beauty and goodness!

Feel our top 5 sensory experiences in Nancy…

See Place Stanislas. Symbol of the city, this UNESCO-listed pedestrian square built in the 18th century is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Hear an opera, ballet or concert at the Opera National de Lorraine, a stunning venue combining classical style with Art Nouveau. Its red and gold auditorium is adorned with statues and chandeliers.

Smell flowers in the parks and gardens. Nancy boasts many original public gardens and green spaces, several of which have won “Jardin Remarquable” or other awards – head to the 23-hectare Pépinière in the city centre, and the Botanic Garden with its 12,000 listed species.

Taste bergamotes, golden boiled sweets flavoured with bergamot essential oil. Confiserie Stanislas has been making them since the 1800s.

Touch sinuous Art Nouveau objects in craft boutiques. Nancy was formerly one of the main European centres of Art Nouveau thanks to the eponymous École. Its heritage includes Emile Gallé’s glasswork, Louis Majorelle’s furniture and the celebrated Daum collection, along with numerous buildings with plant-inspired designs.

Three UNESCO-listed squares, formal gardens, fairytale cobbled streets, fine museums and boutique windows sparkling with crystal... there’s plenty to gawp at as you wander through the historic capital of Lorraine. Art nouveau thrived here in the 18th century with the École de Nancy. It’s also a green and leafy city (External link) , surrounded by rolling hills and winding rivers. Place Stanislas (External link) is spectactularly illuminated from mid-June to mid-September and, if you visit on the first weekend of December, you can join the celebrations for Saint Nicholas’ Day.

Getting to NancyBy air: Luxembourg AirportBy train: 1h30m from Paris by TGVBy road: A31, A33, RN 4 (300km from Paris)

Further information:Nancy Tourist OfficePlace Stanislas54011 NancyTel. +33 (0)3 83 35 22 41http://en.nancy-tourisme.fr/home/ (External link)