Bordeaux: Eat Local !

Intrigued by the city’s regeneration and new cosmopolitan vibe the recent arrivals are firm adherents to the ‘locavore’ philosophy in which only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients make the grade.

Must-taste: Belle Campagne restaurant.

Menus here detail the provenance of all the ingredients used, with a promise that nothing is sourced from more than 250km away.

The menus replicate with the rhythms of the countryside, and are changed every 2 months.

In early summer, expect rainbow trout with sauce vierge, tail of beef braised in red wine or slow grilled Cestas suckling-lamb.

Vegetarians are treated with respect, white sparagus from The Landes transformed into a light but creamy velouté.

The décor at Belle Campagne is flea-market chic.

Sunday brunch is a firm local favourite, and we love the tapas served at the bar – a standing ovation for chips cooked in duck fat.