Events in New Aquitaine

The World Surfing championships (External link)

They will take place in Biarritz, Anglet and Bidart in 2017!

Biarritz 2017 will definitely be a surfing year on the Basque Coast! Biarritz, the birthplace of surfing in Europe, will be celebrating 60 years of surfing! And to make the event even more special, the ISA World Surfing games will take place in the Basque Coast’s top 3 surfing towns: Biarritz, Anglet and Bidart from 21st to 28th May, 2017.Watch (External link) some of the world’s most talented surfers ride the waves in New-Aquitaine!30 countries and the 5 continents will be competing: Such a wonderful occasion to come and explore the beauty of the Basque coast, its culture and art de vivre!

2017: Futuroscope's 30th Anniversary

The Extraordinary journey is a brand new amazing ride. It opened in December of 2016 and is unique in Europe.In this technological treasure, visitors are shifted from a horizontal position to a vertical position (at a 90° angle) in 12 seconds flat ! A true « flying theatre » ride! Futuroscope gives visitors the opportunity to experience one of mankind’s greatest dreams: to fly like a bird. Its new attraction takes you on a worldwide journey, reinvented and inspired by the travels of Jules Verne’s, famous character, Phileas Fogg. It is a reflection of Futuroscope’s dedication to its fundamentals: placing imagery at the heart of the experience. It is also proof of the park’s incredible adaptability. This is the park’s ultimate immersive experience. It has taken thrills and emotions to a whole new level!