8 ways to count the days left til summer around Arcachon Bay.

The sun is out. The days are longer. But there’s still no crowds or traffic jams. Keep it to yourself, but spring is the best season to be in Arcachon Bay... As well as the three others.

1 tandem + 3 bikes + 1 trailer + 6 helmets

From Arcachon’s 19th century villas to the fresh pine forests of Cap Ferret, you won’t lose the rest of your tribe: just follow the cycle paths.

You + The waves + The horizon

The most stunning little fishing village we have ever seen 🌾 . . . #travel #explore #fishing #village #dream #colours

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You’ve reached the very tip of Cap Ferret. The bay here joins the ocean. The wind and currents swirl around you. If you’ve ever wanted to start meditating, now's the time.

12 oysters x 2 hearts

A few tables. Awnings here and there. Superb views. At Cabanes de la Conche, the menu is very simple: oysters, oysters, and more oysters. And it’s just as well: they’re even better this season.

La Pinasse + A picnic + Some friends

If it’s not summer yet, it already feels like it. At the helm of a boat christened “Pinasse” you cross the bay, sailing for the island with the birds and cabins on stilts.

The thrill of flight x The beautiful view

You trudged all the way up in the sand. There’s no question of chickening out. Your paraglider takes off, and you’re flying above the Pilat Dune, the Banc d’Arguin, and the pine forests... Unforgettable.

Beach x (authenticity + charm)

Some places just make you want to leave everything else behind. Take care, because L’Herbe village is one of them, with its fisherman’s huts, colourful shutters, and pretty little lanes, with the beach waiting round every corner.

Orientalism x Architectural folly

You can visit it, of course. But it’s even better to see it by boat. Neo-Moorish and multicoloured, the fantastical Chapel of the Algerian Villa stands out, exotic, on Cap Ferret’s strip of sand and pine wood.

Beautiful terraces + Peace and quiet

As soon as it hits June the restaurants are packed. But on this fine spring day on the chic terraces in Moulleau there’s just you, your sunglasses, and a few celebs keeping it low-key.

Getting to Arcachon