Choose your experience and let the locals give you a real taste of Brittany!

Oyster tasting in the Gulf of Morbihan with Ivan

Explore Ivan Sélo's oyster farm in southern Brittany and enjoy an oyster tasting on board!

Descended from five generations of oyster farmers, Ivan Selo takes you to visit his oyster beds (External link) during a fascinating excursion that's a treat for the palate. His place of work is at the end of the Pointe de Toulvern, a little slice of paradise in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan. It’s a unique experience and, at the end of it, you'll know all there is to know about this pearl of the seashore.

Board Ivan’s barge and steer towards the oyster beds before getting a taste of them!

Apéro Oiseaux® in the heart of the Brière marshes

A gourmet trip in a traditional barge

The stunning landscape of the Brière marshes extends across a 7500 hectare area between the estuaries of the Loire and the Vilaine. At the water’s edge, a long barge is getting ready to glide along the canals (External link) , passing right by the pretty thatched cottages of the little village of Bréca. Daniel is the pilot, the storyteller, ornithologist, naturalist and historian all rolled into one… This natural park has 1001 facets to explore, from its waterways and birdlife to its local specialties. While sampling the pleasures of the natural world, you will also get a chance to sample the local produce!

Corsair cuisine in the Bay of Cancale

A journey to flavours from faraway places, with Jérôme and Emmanuel

Jérôme is a food-loving sailor and Emmanuel an ocean-going chef working the spice routes. So it's no wonder that this meeting of minds led to a great idea: to combine gastronomy and traditional sailing aboard the Ausquémé (External link) . What better way to spend the lazy days of summer than to sail the enchanting seas of Cancale Bay, and sample the gourmet treasures of buccaneering days ?

This is a true summit – albeit on the waves – between the world of ‘corsair’ chef Olivier Roellinger, Brittany’s maritime history, and the traditional foods of Cancale bay.

The pancake challenge: who can make the best Breton crêpe!

If you want a truly 100% Breton crêpe, then this is the place – to make your own!

In Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Géraldine will be delighted to give you a little lesson in crêpe-making (External link) , so you can try using the traditional billig and bring out the expert crêpier you always knew you were.

So what’s a billig then? It’s a big round cast iron griddle for cooking crêpes! The batter is spread over the billig with a rozell,which is a kind of little wooden rake. The weight of this ‘frying-pan’ means tossing the crêpes is totally out of the question so it’s a very special skill that Géraldine is going to try and teach you.