Barging in Burgundy

Across the water, discover the canals of Burgundy, from their history to the works of art dispersed amongst their banks: houses, locks, reservoirs, channels, ports, charming countrysides and gorgeous vineyards.

There are three ways to discover Burgundy from the water:

Take the helm!

First, take the helm of a boat and set sail for a weekend or a whole week.

You're the master of your own ship, and free to stop wherever you please to visit and stroll around the serene and soothing region of Burgundy.

VIP Mode with Your Crew

Feel like taking on a more relaxed VIP flow? Barge-hotels allow you to navigate the waters of Burgundy in totally calm refinement. The crew will take care of everything, with excursions included, and will welcome you like friends for your best vacation yet.


Finally, for those who like to live large, river cruise liners allow you to discover Burgundy with cultural, historical, and gourmet itineraries with a totally unique charm.