Pull up a chair !!!

Yes, being from Burgundy, gastronomy is a big issue for us, and we know plenty about the art of fine dining. It’s not our fault that the local produce is exquisite, our grandmothers made us terrines to die for and our chefs have real talent!

But first…

To get your mouth watering

If you like to stroll in places where you come across a thousand and one scents, typical products and genuine people, head for the market! Reflecting the great taste of the Beaune countryside, the markets take place in the best parts of our towns and villages, in Beaune, Meursault, Chagny, Nolay ... It’s also the best place to taste our flagship products, smell the truffle, bite into a gougère, try our marbled ham ... And if you dine at one of our restaurants (including 8 with stars in the Michelin guide), it will be to savour a Bresse chicken, delight over a beef bourguignon or a plate of snails.

This really is the best cheese

It’s nothing new, but Burgundy is above all about Burgundy wine, and to accompany our wines, there’s nothing better than one of our cheeses, whether it’s from the abbey, the farm next door or aged at home by one of our master cheese-makers. And to really get to grips with the subject, we suggest you test the creaminess of the Brillât Savarin, the tasty character of the Délice de Pommard, the fruity Cîteaux or the power of the Ami de Chambertin!

Something to delight your tastebuds

No more introduction needed. It’s yellow and it gets up your nose ...It’s mustard! Brought to life by Maison Fallot, this flagship product is constantly reinventing itself: blackcurrant, tarragon, honey, gingerbread ...You can even make it yourself at the Fallot mustard factory in Beaune or taste it at the brand’s mustard bar.

We’ll finish on a sweet note

Along with blackcurrant and mustard, gingerbread is part of the gourmet trilogy of Burgundy. It’s a bit like Proust’s madeleine cake for the people of Burgundy, evoking childhood memories, fondness and the Christmas holidays. Flavoured with honey and, as its name suggests, spices, it brings happiness to children, but not just children...

Try some :)