A poetic walk in the footsteps of Lamartine in Burgundy

The hilly landscapes of southern Burgundy inspired this man of letters, born in Mâcon. On the occasion of his 150th anniversary, visitors can follow the Lamartine route, in the footsteps of one of the greatest figures of Romanticism.


The walk starts in Mâcon, Lamartine’s birthplace. The Ursuline Museum dedicates a space to him, retracing his history, writings and political commitment. From 28 February to 12 July 2019, a temporary exhibition will also present the various tributes paid to him by the town. We take the opportunity to discover Mâcon by following the “Tracé de la Plume”, a walking homage to Lamartine combining architecture, literature, food and history.
Ursuline Museum (External link)
“Tracé de la Plume” (External link)

Château de Monceau, Prissé

The second stage of the Lamartine route leads us to Prissé and the Chateau de Monceau, which was the headquarters of the political action of Lamartine, then Deputy-General Counsel. To escape the hustle and bustle of the house, he built a pavilion among the vineyards, now known as La Solitude. It was there that he wrote part of L’Histoire des Girondins.


Take the road towards the fortress of Berzé. With its 14 towers and three walls, this castle creates an essential silhouette in the Val Lamartinien, reference to which can be found in his writings. From the fortress, you also benefit from a magnificent panorama across the vines towards the Roche du Solutré.
Fortress of Berzé (External link)


The pilgrimage wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Milly, where Lamartine spent his childhood and part of his adolescence in a house to which he was very attached and which, for him, was a great source of inspiration. The house has retained its romantic spirit and can be visited on Sundays and public holidays.
Maison de Lamartine (External link)

Chateau de Saint-Point

At Saint-Point you experience something of the poet’s private life. Received as dowry for his wedding, this chateau, a classified ‘House of the Illustrious’, was the family home of Lamartine. From the dining room where Victor Hugo, George Sand, Franz Liszt and Frederic Chopin were received, to the bedroom and the study, the life of the poet is revealed over the course of the tour. It ends in the chapel at the end of the park, where Lamartine and his family are laid to rest.
Chateau de Saint-Point (External link)

Chateau de Pierreclos

Lamartine was familiar with this chateau and the Pierreclos family, two of whom played an important role in his literary and personal life. Today, the chateau offers tours and tastings of wines from the estate, which consists of eight hectares of vines in Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint-Véran, Mâcon-Pierreclos, Mâcon-Bussières and Mâcon-Milly-Lamartine. You can also stay in one of the five guest rooms.
Chateau de Pierreclos (External link)


The last stage of the Lamartine route takes us to the village of Bussières, not far from Milly, where Lamartine went every day on foot to his preceptor Abbé Dumont, who inspired the character of Jocelyn. Don’t miss the climb to the top of Monsard to admire the panorama of the Val Lamartinien.

The Val Lamartinien in Burgundy 

The Val Lamartinien is located in the South of Burgundy around the city of Mâcon.