Restaurant Owners

Theme: A unique opportunity to enjoy and share the taste of France


Each menu showcases France’s gastronomy while allowing chefs freedom to adapt their offers to their own markets and quality produce.

All meals must have a four-course menu:
- Starter(s)
- Main course
- Cheese course
- Dessert*

They are preceded by an aperitif cocktail, served with French wine and champagne

*Two desserts may be served if restaurant owners feel unable to provide high-quality cheeses


Chaumont ©Collège Culinaire de France


Each menu will be based on cuisine with reduced levels of fat, sugar and salt, which promotes healthy eating and the environment, and features vegetables and grains.

©Collège Culinaire de France


The price is at each restaurant’s discretion. It is suggested that 5% of sales be donated to a local NGO working in the health and environment sectors.

©Good France

Goût De/Good France presents the White Paper On Sustainable Gastronomy

In order to strengthen its commitment to global environmental action, in 2019 Goût de/Good France published its first White Paper on Sustainable Gastronomy and distributed it across all the five continents.

Under the editorial direction of the journalist Camille Labro and a task force made up of chefs, farmers, associations and people working in hospitality and tourism sectors, a second White Paper will be issued in April 2020 in order to raise more awareness and encourage more virtuous practices.

Link to the White Paper

Contact : Valérie Leveziel d’Arc / Good France coordinator