Green Gourmet Experiences in Monaco: 5 Must-Do’s

Monaco Organic Food Destination

With Michelin stars aplenty and being home to some of the best wine cellars in the world, Monaco (External link) is a gourmet destination like no other but the Principality’s gourmet appeal goes way deeper than what meets the eye.
Monaco is at the vanguard of the organic food revolution, sourcing produce from local farmers and fishermen and serving herbs and vegetables plucked daily from the Riviera gardens.
From rooftop vegetable gardens to organic restaurants, through the reasoned choice of products and the fight against food waste, the environmental approach is deeply rooted in the principles of the Monegasque gastronomy.

Here are our Top 5 Green Gourmet Experiences in Monaco:

Les Perles de Monte-Carlo with fresh seafood

Oyster Sampling, straight from the Nursery: Tucked away at the tip of the pier in beautiful Port Fontvieille, “Les Perles de Monte-Carlo (External link) ” is a nursery and ripening centre unique in the Principality, proposing seafood directly from its park. Fresh seafood, a casual yet enticing atmosphere, les Perles de Monte-Carlo has become one of Monaco (External link) ’s favourite local hangouts. Seafood can be enjoyed on site or to take away.

Private City Farm: Terre de Monaco

Visit the World’s largest Private City Farm: Terre de Monaco (External link) is an exciting urban agriculture project where Monaco (External link) ’s rooftops and balconies are being transformed into organic vegetable and fruit gardens.
Workshops, classes, and tastings to promote good taste and healthy living are available to travellers and locals alike.

Restaurant Elsa at Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel

Dine at the World’s only organic Michelin-starred restaurant (External link) : Famed the world’s only organic Michelin-starred restaurant, Elsa (External link) is a trendy seaside restaurant beautifully located in one of Monaco (External link) ’s most exclusive and intimate 5-star hotels, the Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel (External link) . Executive chef Paolo Sari serves a high-quality contemporary cuisine inspired by the Riviera’s culinary history putting the spotlight on local produce.

L’Orangerie-Liqueur de Monaco

A Sip of “Authentic Monaco: The first 100% Monegasque liqueur (and 100% natural), made from locally grown oranges hand-picked from the orange trees that line the picture-perfect boulevards of the Principality of Monaco (External link) , l’Orangerie-Liqueur de Monaco (External link) is a true treat connecting Monaco (External link) ’s history with the present day. Handmade in an atelier in the heart of Monaco, l’Orangerie is also sold in various restaurants and caves such as the Wine Palace, Le Castel Roc and Les Deux Freres.

The Condamine markets in Monaco

Stroll the local markets: Often described as one of the warmest, friendliest and colourful Provençal markets on the French Riviera, the Condamine markets (External link) should be on every Monaco (External link) traveller’s list. It is open every day, all year round, accommodating twenty or so traders within its confines. There are also numerous market gardeners, florists and small local producers on Place du Marché.