Cabbage stuffed with truffles, by Michelin starred chef Stéphane Chambon

Stéphane Chambon, chef of the starred restaurant “Pont de l’Ouysse”, not far from Rocamadour in the Dordogne Valley, reveals his recipe of cabbage stuffed with truffles to Get ready to rediscover your kitchen!

A river, the charming ruins of a bridge, a cliff towering over a castle—the decoration of Pont de l’Ouysse, not far from Rocamadour, could be self-sufficient to attract visitors. But, that would be a disservice to the cuisine of this Michelin-starred restaurant, managed by the same family for the last five generations. Truffles, foie gras, mushrooms or even venison: the products of the Dordogne Valley are transformed by chef Stéphane Chambon, who has joined his father Daniel in the kitchen. He shared with us his recipe of cabbage stuffed with truffles, a great classic of the region.

For the filling:
● 200 g of chopped pork
● 30 g of country bacon
● 30 g of country ham
● 100 g of countryside bread
● 6 eggs
● 10 cl of milk
● 3 g of chopped garlic
● 5 g of chopped parsley
● 3 cl of truffle juice
● 30 g of truffle bits
● 100 g of whole truffles

● Soak the bread crumbs with the eggs, warm milk, garlic and chopped parsley 24 hours beforehand.
● Pull off the cabbage leaves, wash them and cook them for 2 minutes in salty boiling water.
● Dip the cabbage in cold water so as to stop the cooking, take it out, remove the core and drain it between two cloths.
● Put aside four nice - not too green - leaves.
● Cut bacon and ham in small cubes.
● Mix the chopped swine flesh, soaked bread and truffles breakings, truffle juice, ham and bacon dices, and check the seasoning.
● Place a film foil in a china bowl and line up the cabbage leaves, cut out to get the desired size. Take 80 to 90 grams of filling, place the whole truffle in the middle, turn down the cabbage leaves on the filling and wrap it all tightly with the film foil.
● Cook in the oven at 160°C (320º F) for 25 minutes.
● Reduce it, add the buttered veal juice, the chopped truffles, truffle juice, cover the bottom of the plate and place the cabbage there, and apply a brushstroke with olive oil to make it shine.
Dinner’s ready!

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