Food ambassadors

Many chefs use local products which are an important aspect of the region’s charm. Some perpetuate the traditions of cuisine “à l’ancienne”, while others opt for a more modern approach. Today, other food ambassadors highlight the incredible variety and quality of our local products.

“Les Saveurs du Palais” by Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch

Originally from the Périgord, this self-taught chef (cook at the Elysée Palace for French President François Mitterrand from 1988 to 1990) has an incredible career. Her atypical life provided the inspiration for the 2012 film Haute Cuisine or “Les Saveurs du Palais”, directed by Christian Vincent and starring Catherine Frot. Author of the book "Carnets de cuisine du Périgord à l’Elysée" and a new work entitled “Ma cuisine de l’Elysée à l’Antartique” (My Cooking from the Elysée Palace to Antarctica), this vibrant female chef takes inspiration from the culinary pleasure of others. A skilled exponent of rustic-style cuisine, Danielle still lives in the Dordogne, from where she continues to pass on the culinary savoir-faire of past generations.

Martin Walker: portrait of a food-loving author

Author of several novels and the police detective series “Bruno” (External link) , Scottish journalist Martin Walker divides his time between Washington and the Dordogne, where he owns a house in the country. The main hero in his food-inspired detective novels set in the Dordogne is Commissaire Bruno, a municipal policeman with somewhat unconventional methods. In real life, Bruno is no other than Pierre Simonet, the municipal chief of police in the village of Le Bugue, in the Vézère valley. The success of his novels has attracted new visitors to the Dordogne hoping to meet and follow in the steps of their police hero!