Cornouaille Festival in Quimper

Dedicated to the richness and diversity of Breton culture, the Cornouaille Festival is probably the best overall celebration of Brittany that you can experience – and despite now approaching its 90th birthday, it’s still as youthful as ever. For a week every summer, Quimper’s historic town centre vibrates to the Celtic rhythm and welcomes some 250,000 visitors.

You can expect concerts and entertainment of all kinds, competitions to determine the best bagpipe players, bell ringers and dancers... and a Great Sunday Parade that sees everyone dress in traditional costume. This part has been maintained since the festival began in 1923, when the local girls from Concarneau, Quimper and Pont-Aven paraded proudly in their Breton dresses – but today Cornouaille has become a multi-disciplinary attraction, pulling in the likes of Joan Baez, Césaria Évora and Simple Minds for musical contributions.